Dougranium is a radioactive like metal that looks like thin sheets of paper when broken up it only takes 1 piece to fully energize a power plant. It is very rare it`s on the border with the mantel and is cyan due the ruby and sapphire gems in it it has a 867 protons and 5 electrons. It was discovered in Georgia and then Japan and it`s very rare,but it was found in Antarctica which holds the most 1.99 grams of it it is a renewable resource as well. It forms very quickly due convection currents making the rocks mix due a shift in gems in 2017 it`s very deadly when activated able to cause cancer in 6 seconds. The protection is to were Shiny Silver gemstone made suits because it gives you lung cancer. When in one piece It is a soild block,it also has a liquid form it has a melting point of -11 degress F.