Bricktonium is a very radioactive element, that should never touch bare skin. Bricktonium is a very rare element, and only three labs hold it.


While in a nuclear power plant on September 18, 2056, something strange was noticed on a testing area. An Area of glowing red light was noticed in a area of radioactive mater. A scientist, Mason Brick, began to investigate. He tried to find out what element it was, but he realized it was never before seen, and named it Bricktonium. He started a lab to study it The Bricktonium Study Facility. Studies are still being carried out today. Scientists hope Bricktonium can replace electricity within 50 years. 


If Bricktonium is touched by bare skin, it will be fried off. This was discovered when a drop fell on a testing animal and it got a Third-Degree Burn. It is also very radioactive. Being around it without proper gear will result in extreme radiation and possible mutation. Besides this, if in its gaseous form, it will garuntee a lethal cancer. Bricktonium is extremely dangerous and should never be used outside of labs. Currently, some countries are attempting to make Bricktonium bombs, but none have been successful. 


Bricktonium has high amounts of power and can power all of New York city for 50 Years. Bricktonium is currently providing power too hundreds of millions around the woe and may replace electricity as more of it is being found. However, it is said Bricktonium will only last about 200 Years, unless more can be made. Bricktonium can be made, but scientists are still finding out how. Bricktonium has been detected near earths core, however people cannot reach this yet.